Support for Litigation

Support for Litigation

Are you searching for an experienced, independent, and responsive professional to support you in all aspects of a litigation process? For the preparation of a report, expert testimony in court or sound advice in negotiations, I have the expertise you are looking for.

I offer extensive knowledge in business valuation and finance and have all the skills needed to support you or assist your legal counsel in one of the following situations:

  • Separation or divorce involving a business owner or self-employed individual (hired either by one of the parties, via joint mandate or via a collaborative law joint mandate);
  • Dispute between shareholders and/or business owners;
  • Quantification of damages.

Depending on your needs, litigation support can include the production of a written report or other type of document, providing advice in preparing the interrogation of a witness or expert, or recommendations for preparing a settlement conference or the negotiation of an agreement.

My expertise covers the following:

  • Determine the fair market value or fair value of a business;
  • Calculate the available income for support payment purposes (for a spouse or a child);
  • Calculate economic loss caused by a breach of contract, a fire, etc.;
  • Produce reports determining personal injury losses;
  • Determine contingent liabilities stemming from business shares or other investments;
  • Help with preparation of the Net Family Property Statement;
  • Carry out asset and debt valuation or referring to an appropriate expert resource;
  • Provide a verbal second opinion on valuation reports prepared by other experts and exploring potential next steps;
  • Prepare a critique of a report or of the comments of another expert;
  • Conduct discussions with the opposing party’s expert to come to an agreement on the value of a business or on the disposable income for support payment purposes;
  • Help you understand complex organizational structures;
  • Advise you in preparation for the interrogation of a witness or expert, for a settlement conference, or for the negotiation of an agreement;
  • Assist you in the negotiation of an agreement;
  • Provide testimony as an expert witness in court.
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Why choose Jean-Claude Desnoyers?

Jean-Claude Desnoyers is a Fellow of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants (FCPA, FCA) and a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV). He is a Member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV), the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec (CPA), the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA) and the Institut de médiation et d’arbitrage du Québec (IMAQ). Since 1999, he has appraised over 1,000 SMEs. Perfectly bilingual, he serves clients in the language of their choice.

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