Shareholders’ agreements: errors and significant omissions

A well written shareholders’ agreement can prevent conflicts within an enterprise, while meeting the different needs and goals of the shareholders. However, some clauses are sometimes omitted and may inadvertently have long-term impacts. The clause for determining the value used in a purchase of shares is an excellent example. It is a clause that protects shareholders and their assets, for example, when a death or a disability of one of them occurs. If you plan to enter into a partnership or [...]


Business and divorce

A divorce, like any cause of dispute, is a difficult situation to experience. When one or both spouses are owners in a business, the process may need more time and attention. This is also why most of the mandates of a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) are in family law. Determining the available income of a business owner or self-employed worker for support payment purposes requires additional expertise. A Chartered Business Valuator can help you during several steps of the [...]


How do you choose the right expert to appraise a business ?

Would you ask a dentist to perform a heart surgery? Probably not! Same reason you should make sure to choose the right expert for a business valuation. Business valuation is not rocket science, but you have to know how to do it. It is especially important to keep up to date and practice regularly. Like anything, practice helps you get better. To make sure you are dealing with the right specialist, here are 6 things to check and consider [...]


Do I need a business valuation?

Are you a business owner, an investor or a professional who wants to properly advise your client? Dealing with a Chartered Business Valuator could be the right choice to make. Here are some situations where it would be appropriate to consider a business valuation. If you are in one of these situations, refer to my article “business valuation in 9 easy steps” and contact me.


Business valuation

What is a business valuation? What information can it provide? Many people don’t know what a business valuation is and the importance to deal with a professional in business valuation. If you are one of those people, reading this article will help you understand business valuations, the different values and the different reports that can be provided.


Business valuation in 9 easy steps

A business valuation may seem complex, but with a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) who has experience and specialized training, the task is much simpler. The right expert will provide you with an objective and defensible fair market value (FMV) of the company. This assessment will help you achieve your goals. Follow these 9 easy steps to get the results you are expecting. With an expert on your side, you will have the right input on the business’ value.